Specialist Restoration Services for documents, books, photographs, artwork and antiques

At Harwell, we provide specialist restoration services for documents, books, photographs, artwork and antiques. For 40 years we have worked closely with the heritage sector, insurance and damage management industries to restore critically important information, irreplaceable treasures and cherished personal possessions after damage from fire and flood.

Harwell Restoration is the market leader in Europe for document restoration, enjoying the largest dryer capacity, most significant major-loss and surge experience, together with the most prestigious customer-portfolio in the damage management industry. Harwell’s dedicated team based in Oxfordshire work nationally and internationally to restore these irreplaceable objects, with our impeccable service standards resulting in recognition at numerous industry awards.

Through appointment Harwell to your claim, we will

·        Reduce claim costs for all parties

·        Stabilise damage through rapid response and triage

·        Minimise business interruption

·        Maximise restoration potential

·        Provide a turnkey solution for every client

For immediate assistance with any possession restoration, please call 0800 019 9990 or to contact us for more information please contact us.

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