Harwell's Priority User Service

When disaster strikes, a rapid response is essential to minimise the resulting damage. Damaged objects rapidly deteriorate through mould growth, adhesions, distortion and loss of information. Whilst some incidents can be managed by inhouse resources, often experience, space and labour are in short supply and external resources are needed to stabilise damage.

Over 1000 custodians of heritage collections and vital records retain Harwell Restoration via the Priority User Service to secure priority access to our recovery and triage teams and ensure damaged objects are quickly stabilised and damage is mitigated. This pre-incident relationship enhances the effectiveness of emergency plans, ensuring that Harwell’s teams can be deployed quickly and seamlessly in a crisis situation.

Priority Users include national collections, central government departments, local authorities, leading international companies, learned societies and historic houses, all needing to ensure that their assets and information are preserved in the event of damage.

Through a range of enhanced service levels, the Priority User Service 

•        Maximises speed of reaction & recovery effort

•        Minimises further deterioration

•        Provides peace of mind

•        Reduce the overall claim costs

•        Mitigates business/service interruption

To find out more about the enhanced service levels Priority Users enjoy, please click here.

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