Harwell provides a range of services to meet the needs of our insurer clients, as well as specialist service solutions for libraries, archives and museums looking for support in collections care.

Commercial Document Restoration

At Harwell we have the largest dedicated capacity for document restoration in Europe and have extensive experience in major loss restoration projects in both commercial and archival settings. We recover, stabilise, dry, sanitise and clean damaged records after fire, flood, escape of water, explosion, biohazard and building contamination. We understand how damage to critical documents can impact on business continuity and so offer a fast-track restoration service where documents can be returned to end-users within a 24 hour window. Contact us now if you need assistance in stabilising document damage or would like to discuss potential costs.

Specialist Contents Restoration

In domestic claims, damage to personal contents can be extremely distressing to policyholders. Whilst some objects can be replaced, other items with sentimental significance or high value should be considered for restoration. Working with our highly capable inhouse team and network of specialist conservators, we can restore artwork, furniture, vinyl records, jewellery and a huge range of other items cost-effectively and to a high standard. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services.

Mould Remediation

When conditions in storage environments fluctuate, mould growth in collections can cause significant damage within a matter of weeks. Harwell's teams have extensive experience in managing these issues, and can provide practical solutions to remediate the issue. We can clean, but also advise on the root cause of the environmental issue and provide access to high-spec equipment to control temperature and humidity and improve air movement to prevent recurrence. If you have an issue with mould contamination contact us today to discuss your needs.

Collections Care

At Harwell we have decades of experience in working in heritage environments with high -value and irreplaceable collections. As a trusted partner, our Priority Users increasingly ask us to provide assistance on a range of needs in addition to disaster recovery including

  • Collection cleaning
  • Collection moves
  • Deinfestation / pest management
  • Quarantine and preparation of collections for accession
  • Confidential disposal
  • Environmental control and consultancy
  • Emergency planning consultancy
  • Conservation
  • Training

To find out more about our offering in collections care and preservation, contact us here.

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