Harwell's Facilities

Harwell's facilities are Europe's largest dedicated to the recovery, stabilisation and restoration of water and fire damaged paper-based materials. This capacity enables us to contend efficiently with the demands of major loss and surge event periods whilst maintaining a high level of service to our customers, including a fast-tracking service for business-critical documents, delivering exceptional customer satisfaction as a result.


Our fleet of purpose-built  dryers, all of which can be mobilised for international response,  and a fleet of vehicles with freezer capabilities on stand-by for salvage and restoration nationwide.


Given these facilities and this capacity, we can restore damaged documents and books more quickly and to a higher quality than anyone else.


As we know information security is of pivotal importance to many of our clients, our location  is on a high-security site and we have modified the building to include VESDA, CCTV and access control. If you have any questions about our facilities, please do contact us.

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