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In addition to our external course we run quarterly in London / Oxford (click here to go to the page to book on our next Harwell Course), Harwell can offer a number of workshops and training courses either in person at your own site, or online via Zoom / Teams / Meets. This training will facilitate the professional development of your team, with a suite of courses focusing on common collections care issues. Sessions have been designed to fit into half day / 3 hour blocks (which works best for online delivery) but can be bolted together for in person training at your site and bespoke courses can also be designed if required. Please contact us to discuss pricing or to arrange a convenient date.

How effective is your emergency plan - WORKSHOP
Your organisation may have a disaster plan but how effectively might it work in practice? . Have you had a run through to check the plan's efficacy? Could your plan contend with a minor incident up to a major fire or flood? Do all the people who work in your building, including security and cleaning staff, understand why a fast reaction to water-damage is so important? Are there any potential omissions or problems in the plan. In this 3 hour workshop, the group will work through a number of exercises to test out your plan, and identify any issues with it as well as learning

  • Lessons from real incidents to ensure the success of your own emergency plan in practice
  • How to adapt your approach when dealing with minor/major incidents
  • Where plans can fall short, and how to bridge the gap

Salvage techniques, response and decision making

In this training course you will learn

  • Practical techniques for treating damage to objects and stabilisation methods for major incidents
  • How to respond to an escape of water incident safely whilst minimising damage to collections
  • Impacts of water on different object types

Understanding Mould

In this training course you will learn:

  • How mould outbreaks occur in storage areas 
  • Preventive techniques to limit mould growth and exposure
  • Practical treatment options for outbreaks 


Red Rot in archive and library collection

In this training course you will learn:

  • What causes Red Rot 
  • Preventive techniques to limit further exposure to causes
  • Practical treatment options to stabilise your collection and make it accessible 

Making custom fit archival folders

In this practical training course you will learn:

  • When and why it is essential to make custom fit folders
  • How to make an archival folder
  • What essential equipment and materials are required to do this effectively


Preservation of Photographic Material

In this practical training course you will learn:

  • What causes damage to photographic collections 
  • Preventive techniques to stabilise your collection
  • Practical treatment options to prevent further deterioration 


Developing a Preservation Policy and Plan for your organisation

In this training course you will learn:

  • The benefits of having an effective Preservation Policy and Plan your organisation
  • How to write an effective Preservation Policy specific for your organisation
  • How to write an effective Preservation Plan specific for your organisation

To find out more information and get a quote for an inhouse session, please contact us.

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