Mould Remediation with Harwell

Extensive mould growth in collections is extremely problematic. Not only is the fungal contamination deteriogenic and highly damaging to the surfaces it grows on, but it presents serious health and safety issues for handling, both for staff and members of the public who might need to access the affected collections. Mould growth can occur in heritage collections for a variety of reasons, including undetected water-damage, water-damage which has not been restored effectively, poor ventilation, climatic extremes and HVAC systems underperforming.


Harwell has a wealth of experience in remedying these issues, providing not just restoration solutions but also diagnosis of the original issue which triggered the mould growth and recommendations to prevent recurrence in the future. This joined up approach offers significant reassurance to our customers. Examples of projects can be seen on our Case Studies page.


Depending on the nature and extent of damage, solutions can be carried out onsite, or removed from site to be cleaned at our head office.


If you have an issue, please do contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist with resolving the damage.

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