Integrated Solutions for Environmental Issues affecting Storage

Poor environment within archives is not just a matter of local relative humidity and temperature and assuming that the control system in your store will work effectively. Harwell has worked with many Priority Users with control systems functioning, supposedly meeting current standards, but mould growth occurs nevertheless and perplexed as to the cause. Harwell has built up a wealth of experience and can assist to target the problem. Our understanding of air dynamics, vapour pressure and psychrometry, alongside 24 hour monitoring of the environment as a double check on your system will help pinpoint the problem, which could be:

  • Lack of air-circulation and movement, allowing microclimates to form
  • Failure of environmental control systems to work in summer and winter extremes
  • Air conditioning and cooling without dehumidification
  • System blockages or lack of calibration
  • Insidious water ingress through building leaks and poor maintenance

Harwell provides a safe and sustainable solution to mould growth within collections. We work with our clients not just to clean and sanitise the affected mouldy material, but to ensure that the root cause of the problem is identified and treated, so that recurrence will be prevented.

Of course, Harwell’s skilled staff are able to successfully treat the mould-contaminated materials, either onsite or at Harwell, depending on the scale of the damage, and to do so with appropriate site controls and personal protective equipment. Major projects have included the cleaning of every single item within one store, constituting the contents of over 40,000 boxes. For more information, please contact us.

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